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MRI Referral Portal Information


Who can use it?

Consultants, General practitioners, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths.

What is the MRI Portal?

It’s quick and easy to register with us, we only need your name, email and address. Once registered you can save many different report addresses if you work in a variety of hospitals, so that you only need to complete the patients information when referring, and then instantly recall your details from a drop down menu. 

The portal allows you to view a copy of your patients request, see the date we contacted the patient by phone, and then also letter if the patient was not available, and the date the patient makes the appointment for.  The report is then securely uploaded once verified and is available for you to view online and print, we’ll send you an email to let you know the moment it’s available.  You’ll still also receive a hard copy of the report in the post.

Online portal referrals are received instantly into our system allowing us to immediately process the request and contact your patient quickly.

Why should I use the Portal instead of the standard form?

The portal is a secure web-site for referring and tracking your MRI Referrals online.

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